Selected Projects


Inglis House

This exceptional project by Art House Residential is a Net-Zero infill in the North Glenora neighbourhood. Myers Projects built a double-wall frame and installed the exterior air-barrier. We also installed the vapour-barrier on the upper ceiling before building the upper partition walls. Before insulation and vapour-barrier was installed, we achieved an air-tightness value of 0.64 ACH. This included know openings that we were unable to stop before the test!


Queen Mary House

We were unable to decline building this infill house - the challenge of it was too much! It began with three steel beams in a disjointed and skewed floor system, and ended with walls, every stud of which angle-cut to a custom length. In between, we built a vaulted TJI gable roof that sloped in both directions and was angled and jogging throughout. To boot, the permit drawing that we used excluded dimensioned building sections and almost all construction detail drawings. This was a thoroughly engaging and highly tailored wood-frame project.


Froberg Tiny Home

This recreational tiny home on wheels sits on a lake-lot on Lower Lake Therien. It features two semi-private lofts, passive solar design, premium douglas-fir windows with drywall returns, baltic birch built-in benches and a PV solar awning (to come). Myers Projects was the general contractor for this project and completed the design and drafting.

Complete Project List*

Montorio Homes, Edmonton, 2006

• Four single-family homes

Perry Homes, Edmonton, 2006

• Three single-family homes, including an R2000 infill house

Homes by Avi, St.Albert, 2006

• Single family home

Lauman Residence, Lake Isle, 2006

• 1400 Square Foot Cabin with Walk-out Basement

• This cabin was built with Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) walls.

Mycor Warehouse, Pigeon Lake, 2007

• 7500 Square Foot Building with Six 18’-6” High Commercial Bays

•The warehouse roof was built with 50’ trusses assembled on the ground and lifted with atelescopic handler, which was also used to lift the 2x8 walls.

Ron Sparrow Residence, Perryvale, 2007

• 1200 Square Foot Straw Bale Home

• The frame for this house was built using recycled timber joists and recycled timber beams laminated to LVL members.

Lee Residence, Mulhurst Bay, 2008

• 3300 Square Foot Bungalow with Garage and Bonus Room

• This house involved a stick-framed reverse hip vault

Graham Sparrow Workshop, Opal, 2008

• 960 Square Feet

• We also installed the metal roofing.

Village Market Addition, Pigeon Lake, 2008

• 3200 Square Foot Structure with Triangular Footprint, 12’ High 2x8 Walls

• This building involved standing a section of 64’ clear span trusses.

Ebbs Addition, Wetaskiwin, 2008

• 970 Square Feet

• We designed, drafted and administered permits for this project. The addition involved three timber frame bents, which we assembled and stood.

Sterling Homes, Edmonton Area, 2008-2018

• About 220 single-family and duplex units ranging from 1500-2500 SF

Mroczek Residence, Edmonton, 2018

• 1800 SF single story infill house with flat roof, tapered build-outs

Inglis Residence, Edmonton, 2018

• Double-wall, Net-Zero House for Art House Residential

• Included installation of Delta air-barrier (Performance Haus)

• 0.64 ACH blower door test acheived before installation of insulation and VB

Froberg Cabin, St.Paul, 2018

• A 255 SF Tiny House on Wheels

• Included design and construction management

Queen Mary House, Edmonton, 2018-2019

• One-of-a-kind infill house

• Vaulted I-joist roof slopes in two directions, interior and exterior walls - at various angles inplan view - framed to underside of roof structure

*Including projects completed as Myers Brother’s Constr. Inc.